Tax Preparation Services

taxes-806396_1280Every aspect of your small business affects the taxes you pay; don’t fall into the trap of do-it-yourself tax preparation services. In this economy tax laws are constantly being updated and not complying with these changes can decrease your profits and even result in legal consequences. When you hire Hersman and Associates for your tax preparation needs we will ensure that your small business is legally sound and financially stable. We offer tax preparation, tax planning, and tax filing services. We can also help clients plan for business and residential taxes. Tax planning is not just for business, many people including residential home owners can benefit from tax preparation, find out more today!

Necessary Forms for Tax Preparation Services

Please bring the following documents when you meet with Hersman & Associates for accounting and tax preparation services. • K-1 Forms from Partnership • 1099 Misc. • 1099 Interest • 1099-B • Form of Identification • W-2 • 1099-SSA for Social Security

Tax-Related Documents

Please bring any tax related documents with you during your consultation, the following is a list of items that are tax related and may be applicable to you: • Tax-Related Spreadsheets • Real Estate Taxes • Tax-Related Receipts • Medical Expenses • Tax-Related Charitable Gifts • Rental Property Expenses • Day Care-Related Expenses Free Services that other tax preparation companies charge for:
  • E-File–tax returns are electronically filed at no additional charge.
  • Fee Collect–tax preparation fee can be withheld from your refund at no additional charge.
  • Audit Protection–we will assist you if you are ever audited by the IRS or other tax agency for any tax return we prepared at no additional charge.


Contact us today to find out how professional accounting services from Hersman & Associates Certified Public Accountants can benefit your business.

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