The Income Tax School

Hersman & Associates Certified Public Accountants will be the instructors for the class. We are the instructor and provide academic support + certificate of completion with students accessing their course remotely.

Information on the class:

-No classroom teaching or equipment required!

-Students complete coursework online at their own pace, 24/7, within the term of the course.

-Assignments, quizzes, and exams graded automatically with feedback.

-Students can monitor their own progress within the Learning Management System

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Course Benefits

Hersman & Associates Certified Public Accountants is focused on helping you learn a life-long skill that can provide an opportunity for growth in the tax field.



Working as a tax professional provides for a seasonal and flexible schedule.



Preparing tax returns is a reward career that serves your clients needs.



Tax preparation emphasizes problem solving and interpersonal skills.

About the Course

Our beginner tax course starts with the basics and assumes no prior tax knowledge. You do not need to know accounting or high level math. Simple arithmetic and an understanding of decimals and fractions will be necessary. The most important thing to have is good people skills because this is a people business. We will teach you everything you need to know!


-Complete course in 4-6 months

-Open book examinations

-Certificate of Achievment Award

-Surprisingly low cost

Total Cost

The total cost of the program is $400.

What does the amount include?

The total price includes the entire online curriculum, a hard-cover textbook, online grading, certificate of achievment, and Skype meetings for questions.

Registration Closed

The Income Tax School

Course materials provided by The Income Tax School

Hersman & Associates

The course is taught by Hersman & Associates

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